Abortion Is Conservative Genocide

Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Center for Reproductive Rights are all based in New York, so why are they pushing abortion in red states?

The answer is simple: nation-wide abortion is Conservative genocide, promoted by blue states to lower the birth-rate in red states and prevent us from gaining more House seats and electoral votes.

Most people who support abortion genuinely believe in it, but they’ve been brain-washed by the liberal, capitalist elite into supporting the murder of countless, working-class babies — while still claiming to be Socialists.

(Note: this article isn’t 100% serious.)

The Birth-Rate Is Higher In Red States

Birth-Rate, Source: CDC
Birth-Rate vs. Average, Source: CDC

To your left are two maps of the birth rate of every state in 2019. Desktop users can hover over an image to zoom in.

You can see an obvious trend: Republican states tend to have higher birth-rates than Democratic states.

79% of states with an above-average birth-rate voted for Donald Trump in 2020, while 75% of states with a below-average birth-rate votes for Joe Biden. All three states equal to the average went to Biden.

This birth-rate advantage has led to over 71% of the electoral votes gained after the 2020 census going to red states, while the same portion of votes lost were taken from states that went to Biden.

Furthermore, nineteen out of the twenty-four states with an above-average birth-rate voted for Donald Trump in 2020 — and one of them, Georgia, was decided by razor-thin margins.

The Democrats’ Conspiracy

What’s to say this trend won’t continue through the 2030, ’40, and ’50 censuses? That’s where abortion comes in; the Democrats have to level the playing-field by making it legal or illegal in every state.

They clearly can’t make it illegal in every state, with their base (and donors) being so thirsty for the blood of unborn babies, so they have to make it legal in every state — including late-term.

Furthermore, plenty of those babies killed in abortion would’ve started voting in a couple decades — probably for the Democrats, since that’s how young people tend to vote, but their disproportionately Republican upbringing might skew that metric.

Conversely, this means the GOP is incentivized to ban abortion in red states, while leaving it untouched in blue states — but that’s a slightly more noble goal than nation-wide legalization of baby-murder.

“But the Democrats are principled!” you proclaim. This is a lie; neither party is principled — and they ain’t been for decades. The Democrats have yet to pass Medicare for All or a living wage, while the GOP has yet to overturn Roe v. Wade or unconstitutional, gun-control laws.

It’s all about money and power. Both parties gerrymander, both parties take “donations” from billionaires and mega-corporations, and neither one of them wants to reform our broken electoral system.

So why would the Democrats be principled on abortion?

Another argument against my theory is that it’ll take up to ten years to reap the benefits of a higher birth-rate. This is true, but both parties draw congressional maps to last that long — and plenty of politicians stay in Congress for longer (like Mitch McConnell, who’s been around since the dawn of time).


Northern Democrats are pushing a genocide of Conservatives through nation-wide legalization of abortion up to the moment of birth, in order to prevent red states from gaining more electoral votes.

The Democratic Party is not principled enough to actually care about “abortion rights,” and they’re willing to wait decades to see results.

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