I’m a writer, web developer, and farmer who lives in rural Arkansas. I think for myself and question the establishment narrative.

I write articles about whatever I feel like, but it’s mostly just politics. I wrote a short book about third parties too

I’ve been writing code since I was thirteen years old. I’m fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. I specialize in web development, but hate working with databases (which is why I used WordPress for my blog).

I help my pawpaw out on his farm, planting and harvesting all kinds of vegetables. We ain’t had a good enough harvest to sell anything yet, but I hope that’ll change next year!

Politically speaking, I’m a Paternalistic Conservative — meaning I’m left-wing on economic issues, but right-wing on social issues.

I’m also transgender, but that hasn’t stopped the Commies from calling me a Fascist (because I’m pro-life, which is pretty ironic).