America Needs a Pro-Life Economic Policy

The national March for Life was a few days ago and I personally attended my state’s local march on the 16th. It got me thinking about what it really means to be pro-life, and what a pro-life economic policy would look like. If we’re really committed to defending the lives of the innocent: we should defend it at every stage, both inside and outside the womb.

The GOP, which claims to be pro-life, supports a laissez-faire, ultra-capitalist approach to economics that values corporate profits over human life. Roughly 874,000 Americans die from poverty every year — more than cancer and heart disease.

A genuinely pro-life economic platform would put life over profit, including a living wage, universal healthcare, and a welfare state designed to save and improve lives.

Furthermore, 97% of abortions are for socio-economic reasons and 75% of women who have them make less than double the federal poverty level. A pro-life economic policy would decrease the number of abortions — and although I support abortion bans, blue states will never implement them, and illegal abortions will still take place should we fail to address the root cause.

A Pro-Life Wage

Minimum wage workers can’t afford to rent a two-bedroom house anywhere in the country (nor a one-bedroom house in 93% of counties), let alone raise a family. This means many minimum wage workers end up homeless or living in poverty, unable to pay for basic necessities, like food and utilities.

A pro-life, living wage of $15 an hour — or even a more modest $10 an hour — would save countless lives. The former has support from a super-majority of Americans: 62%, while a smaller figure would garner the support of 52% of Republicans.

Medicare for All is Pro-Life

According to Yale: Medicare for all would save 68 thousand lives every year — as well as $450 billion. Keep in mind that it would (or should) cover care for both new- and un-born babies.

The facts don’t lie: Medicare for all is pro-life, while the current, for-profit healthcare system needlessly kills countless Americans who either can’t afford health insurance, or have a plan that doesn’t cover what they need.

A poll by Morning Consult shows that 55% of Americans support Medicare for All, including 26% of republicans, while a poll by The Hill claims that 52% of Republicans support it. Even a public option, which Morning Consult says has support from 56% of Republicans, would be better than nothing.

A Larger Welfare State

Welfare programs are a major component of a pro-life economic policy. SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) feeds 38 million Americans — 12% of the entire population — who would otherwise have gone hungry. The vast majority of SNAP recipients, 66%, are in families with children. Expanding benefits and eligibility (which doesn’t include all food insecure Americans) would save even more lives.


If we want to call ourselves pro-life, rather than simply anti-abortion, we must support economic policies that save lives both inside and outside the womb. A living wage, Medicare for all, and more welfare are all examples of policy positions suitable for such a platform. Let’s be pro-life for the whole life!

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