Canadian Man Imprisoned Over Pronouns!?

I’ve seen claims circulated in right-wing circles as of late about a man named Robert Hoogland who was arrested, jailed, and imprisoned over transgender pronouns. As a transgender woman and free speech advocate, this peaked my interest.

Information about this story is scattered across multiple articles, and political bias is quite strong on both sides, but I’m fairly confident I have the facts straight; anything both sides agree on is probably true, while anything with evidence is definitely true (assuming the evidence isn’t fabricated).


In 2020, Robert Hoogland’s son (female-to-male) wanted to begin hormone replacement therapy, and while the mother consented, Hoogland did not.

He refused to sign the consent form, so they sued. The provincial court sided with the father, but it was appealed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia, which sided with the mother, allowing his child to get testosterone without his consent.

The court banned the father from talking about the case, but he refused to comply, giving two interviews about the matter (which have been banned by YouTube and Twitter at the request of the court).

The Pronoun Mandate

He was sued, yet again, in an attempt to prevent him from conducting further interviews. Using the Infants Act as a basis (according to the father), the court

issued a protection order, forbidding [the father] from attempting to persuade [his child] to abandon treatment, from referring to him by his birth name and, among other conditions, from sharing information about the case and medical treatment with parties other than the court, lawyers and medical professionals.

Tyler Dawson, Vancouver Sun

He appealed the decision,

But the court issued a conduct order, saying the father couldn’t discuss his son’s medical treatment, mental health or treatments with anyone other than legal counsel, doctors or others allowed by the court. The father also must refer to [his son] by his preferred name and pronouns.


Even the left-wing sources don’t challenge the fact that the court mandated Hoogland to use his son’s chosen name and pronouns. This alone should be enough to outrage free speech advocates.

A few articles mentioned Bill C-16, and the social media post that sent me down this rabbit hole heavily implied that was the root cause, but it seems more likely that the Infants Act was the true basis.

Hooglan’s Arrest

Mr. Hoogland refused to comply with the court order, continuing to refer to his son as a woman and conducting further interviews. This resulted in his arrest. Left-wing media outlets claim he publicly disclosed information that could identify his son, while right-wing media outlets claim he was arrested over pronouns.

On April 13-16 he faces a criminal trial for the “crime” of publicly discussing the names of the doctors. He could be sent to prison for five years.

Mass Resistance

Mass Resistance also published a copy of the aforementioned consent form, in order to prove their claims about the side-effects of testosterone, which included the current and dead-name of his son — clearly a violation of the court order.

The release of the consent form angered the judge and certainly didn’t help Hoogland’s case.

Prison Sentence

Defeated by Canada’s legal system, Hoogland decided to plead guilty.

He will accept a sentence of 18 months probation with one month off to reflect the time he has already spent in custody.

Erin Perse, The Post Millennial

His plea was denied, however, and the judge sentenced him to six months in prison and fined him $30,000. According to Mass Resistance: the money was to be given to the Ronald McDonald House (I’m unsure why he chose that in particular, but it could be a clown world joke on the part of MR).

Justice Tammen purposefully placed Rob in the North Fraser Pretrial Centre, which is a high-security facility for violent offenders…

It was horrible, Rob said. He was in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. But during the one hour he was out of his cell, it was even worse. “It’s a very violent place. You had to be very careful because confrontations happened frequently. And the guards would only step in after a person gets beaten up,” he told us.

Mass Resistance

The punishment clearly didn’t fit the crime; all he did was speak out about something that upset him, and he was treated no better than a murderer! Furthermore, solitary confinement is a form of torture, not a legitimate form of punishment, and should never be used.


Two weeks later, Hoogan appealed and was subsequently released.

Larochelle successfully filed an appeal for Rob, arguing that his rights were clearly violated under Canada’s Charter of Rights. On April 30, the British Columbia Court of Appeal granted the application for Rob to be released on $1,000 bail until his appeal hearing, which has been scheduled for Nov. 1, 2021.

Mass Resistance

There have been no updates since the trial was scheduled, so I can only assume he’s free until November. That’s a little over a month from now, so all we can do is wait.


Minors should always require parental consent for non-life-threatening medical procedures, with the only exception being if the parent no longer has custody; I’m pretty sure he had custody, if they sent him a consent form.

You should be at least sixteen years old before being able to get HRT — and only with parental consent. Kids don’t know if they’re really trans and shouldn’t rush into making life-altering decisions like this! I’m nine-teen and still haven’t started HRT (mostly because I’m dirt poor, to be honest).

The courts violated Hoogland’s God-given right of freedom of speech by mandating he use his son’s chosen name and pronouns — even though I disagree, and have decided to use male pronouns in this article, he has a right to say whatever pronouns he wants.

The unnecessary restriction of freedom of the press made getting the facts straight very difficult and created a great deal of confusion. I can kind of understand the prohibition on listing names, but banning him from talking about it at all went too far.

The punishment was cruel and unusual; as I said before: solitary confinement is a form of torture and should never be used — especially against non-violent offenders! Hoogland shouldn’t have even been given prison time, if punished at all.

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