Conservative Democrats have to Go Scorched Earth on the DNC

The Democratic National Committee won’t meet with Democrats for Life, a coalition of Christian and conservative Democrats who advocate against abortion. They’ve met before, so there’s no reason — beyond party infighting — to refuse to do it again.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Democrat (I’m a dues-paying member of the American Solidarity and Prohibition parties), but I do lean Democrat, and America’s still a two-party system, so it’s in my best interest to advocate for folks like Bob Casey, Chris Butler, and Larry Teague within the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has Gone Insane

The Democratic Party has become more and more radical over the years, driving away moderates who once gave them trifectas in states like Arkansas as recent as 2012. Joe Manchin is considering leaving the Democratic Party, and party elites have even kicked out conservative Democrats like John DeBerry, a former Tennessee state Representative.

“If he does not leave the party due to the budget reconciliation, Manchin has reportedly told associates he is still likely to change parties by November 2022.”

— Callie Patteson, New York Post

In regards to abortion, the Democrats originally wanted it to be “safe, legal, and rare,” but now they want to legalize it up to the moment of birth, for any or no reason — that’s not an exaggeration, that’s law in eight states (although the GOP shares the blame in Alaska).

26% of Democrats identify as pro-life (little over half of what it was in 1998), so why are party elites alienating over one-fourth of their own base? The answer is simple: they’ve gone insane and are trying to purge the party of anyone and everyone who opposes even part of their radical agenda.

It’s Time to Go Scorched Earth

Conservative Democrats, and Independents who prefer conservative Democrats, have been silent for far too long. If the DNC wants to play games, we can play games! It’s time to go scorched earth — either they listen to our demands, or we sink the whole ship.

We cannot continue to support liberal Democrats when they refuse to play fair, let alone listen to our needs and concerns. No more donating to the DNC, no more donating to establishment candidates, and no more voting for establishment candidates.

Don’t let them fear-monger about the GOP. Be willing to vote for the Republican, be willing to split the vote, be willing to metaphorically ‘shoot the hostage.’ We have leverage; it’s time we used it. Maybe they’ll hear us out after they’ve lost a dozen elections.

We also have to be willing to leave the Democratic Party all together. John DeBerry didn’t win his re-election bid as an Independent, but he didn’t go down without a fight either. If Joe Manchin becomes an Independent, he very well may loose to the Republican, but it’s a loss for the DNC either way.

Either we fix the Democratic Party or we burn it to the ground. If we don’t, there won’t be anything worth preserving.

Reform Our Democracy

In addition to going scorched earth, we need to advocate for substantive, electoral reforms that’ll not only allow pro-life Democrats to succeed within the party, but allow third-parties and Independents who align with our values to thrive.

Open, non-partisan primaries can allow for Independents — or even Republicans — to support conservative Democrats. Ranked choice or approval voting will help third parties and heterodox Democrats alike.

We might have to support candidates we disagree with in order to make it a reality, but the end goal should be electoral reform. First-past-the-post, by design, creates a two-party system, while closed primaries almost always pick the establishment candidate — even if they’re unpopular with voters as a whole.


With the Democratic Party becoming more radical and less inclusive, we have to take equally radical measures to reign them back in. We have to be willing to go scorched earth, and we have to be willing to reform the system that allowed this to happen in the first place.

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