Conservatives Should Ditch Capitalism

Ever since Ronald Reagan, Conservatism has become synonymous with deregulation, free trade, and low taxes for the wealthy, with social issues like abortion, gun rights, and immigration taking a back seat to laissez-faire Capitalism — it’s time to change that.

Capitalism is an inherently liberal ideology that pushes for unregulated abortion, disarming the working-class, defunding the police, open borders, wide-spread drug and alcohol abuse, immoral pornography, and prostitution.

The capitalist ruling-class continuously ships our jobs overseas, leaving millions of Americans behind, and forking millions of American dollars over to countries like Communist-occupied China.

Furthermore, Conservatives are heavily censored by big tech companies, which are biased in favor of neoliberal Democrats like Joe Biden.

Ditching Capitalism is not only the principled choice, but the rational choice, as it will attract countless inactive and swing voters.

Abortion is Capitalist

The Gates foundation donates to Planned Parenthood, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife gave millions of dollars to radical abortionist groups, and in response to Texas’ recent abortion ban, Elon Musk stated:

In general, I believe government should rarely impose its will upon the people

Elon Musk

Furthermore, ultra-wealthy elites like Warren Buffet support organizations that pay for poor women to abort.

This has resulted in 97% of abortions being for socio-economic reasons, and over three-fourths of abortions by families who made less than double the poverty level — so working-class families.

Conversely, abortion support is lowest among people who make less than $40k a year, with only 30% saying abortion should be legal in all cases. It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that abortion is inherently capitalist.

Capitalists Want to Disarm the Workers

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, and other billionaires support gun control measures that would disarm the working-class. 52% of Americans making more than $100k a year support gun control, while the middle-class is largely against it.

The rich, who can afford private security, claim gun control will keep us safe — which it won’t — but their real motive is to prevent the working-class from being able to fight back against tyranny.

Furthermore, Capitalism systemically prevents working-class individuals from buying guns, which are so expensive that only 18.2% of people making less than $25k a year own one.

This is a problem that can only be solved with a universal basic gun program, which would immediately be slandered by Neoliberals as “communist.”

The Rich Want to Defund the Police

Billionaires like George Soros bank-roll super PACs that advocate for defunding the police, a service that protects working-class Americans, paid for out of the tax dollars of the ultra-wealthy — who, as I said before: can buy private security.

Capitalist corporations like Cisco, Oreo, and Pokémon donated millions of dollars to culturally far-left organizations like BLM — which admitted to wanting to destroy the traditional family in addition to their anti-police agenda.

Meanwhile, 77% of Americans want more police, not less; only 22% want to defund the police.

Capitalism Supports Open Borders

During the 2018 mid-terms: the billionaire Koch brothers launched a super PAC to push for open borders; in 2020, Charles Koch straight-up said he wanted to increase legal immigration levels and give amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates even wrote an op-ed for the New York Times that expressed support for awarding citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Why do Capitalists want immigrants flooding over the southern border? The answer is quite simple: they work for dirt cheap — and they don’t even have to pay minimum wage for illegals! Meanwhile, real Americans will be out of a job.

Free Trade Destroys American Businesses & Jobs

Republicans love to talk about bringing back jobs and protecting domestic industry, but this is impossible under Capitalism — an ideology that puts profit over homeland.

Since 1980, nearly seven million jobs have been lost in manufacturing alone! That’s 167k jobs, every year, being sent overseas, while Americans are left without work or forced to settle for lesser-paying jobs.

It’s simply cheaper to pay foreigners than it is to pay Americans, which is why just about everything you buy at the store was “made in China” or some foreign country you’ve never heard of.

Furthermore, low tariffs allow foreign companies to undercut small, domestic businesses, putting them out of business and killing American jobs. They do lower prices for consumers, but that comes at the cost of abandoning small businesses and the Americans they hire.

Conservatism should be about conserving the Nation, not selling out your fellow American for an extra buck.

Even free-market Libertarians recognize the benefits of tariffs for domestic industry and jobs.

Trump’s washing machine tariffs…helped create about 1,800 manufacturing jobs, the Fed concluded, but the cost to the U.S. as a whole was about $817,000 per job.

Evan Tarver, Investopedia

Their only argument against the tariffs is that they “costed too much” — the typical argument Capitalists give when the government tries to help the working-class in any way, shape, or form.

In 2016, the US had lower tariffs than Mexico, India, Communist-occupied China, and other countries American jobs where being offshored to — countries where goods are made instead of America. This is not a coincidence.

The Free Market Promotes Immorality

The free market — which Republicans so vehemently defend — replaces morality with profit, causing America’s rapid deterioration of traditional values. Capitalism cares not for what’s right, only for what’s profitable.

From alcohol to methamphetamines, and from pornography to prostitution, Capitalists have profited off of immorality. If Conservatives truly care about protecting children and working-class adults from drugs and sexual immorality: we have to ditch Capitalism.

Capitalists like liquor store owners, drug dealers, pornographers, and pimps don’t care about whether or not they’re hurting people, they only care about how much cash they’re raking in.

Furthermore, billionaires like Bill Gates use illicit drugs, and some of them even promote drug legalization! Meanwhile, millions of Americans are thrown in jail instead of the drug dealers that victimized them.

Conservatives have to be willing to impose strict regulations to uphold morality, while properly funding the enforcement of those regulations.

Big Tech Censors Conservatives

Big tech companies — owned by wealthy Capitalists — censor Conservatives overwhelmingly more than they do Liberals, at a rate of fifty-three to one.

Furthermore, Facebook and Twitter banned a New York Post article that exposed Joe Biden’s son for corruption — right before the election, in an obvious attempt to help the Democratic candidate (who refuses to support left-wing economic policy like Medicare for all).

They even banned Donald Trump after the election, using the January 6th riot as an excuse to shamelessly push their Neoliberal agenda. If it was the other way around, and Biden supporters broke into the capitol: big tech would never ban Biden.

And what did the GOP do in response to all this? They whined, and whined, and whined… and that’s it — they never fought back! If Conservatives want to win: we have to regulate and break up big tech, we can’t just wait for them to change their minds — because they won’t.

Paternalistic Conservatism Will Win Elections

According to Echelon Insights: 56% of Americans are culturally conservative, while only 48% are economically conservative. The 14% that are socially conservative and economically progressive are the least active and the most competitive.

74% of Americans believe abortion should only be legal in some or no circumstances, while 70% support Medicare for All — including 52% of Republicans.

53% of Americans want to keep ICE, including 44% of Democrats. Free college tuition has 60% support, including 41% of Republicans.

While this doesn’t translate into electoral votes, and will definitely fluctuate between congressional districts, the data shows that Americans want a populist Conservative capable of defending both traditional values and the working-class.

Trump is so popular among Republican voters, because he pulled the GOP to the left on economic policy, while retaining conservative social policy — but it didn’t go far enough.


Conservatives should ditch Capitalism, because it’s an ideology that inherently supports abortion, gun control, open borders, offshoring, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and censoring Conservatives.

Meanwhile, the working-class is pro-life, benefits from gun rights, loses jobs to illegal immigrants and offshoring, and is repeatedly victimized by drug dealers and the sex industry.

A majority of Americans support social Conservatism, but fiscal Conservatives are relatively unpopular. Moving to the left on economic issues will allow Conservatives to tap into an inactive, yet competitive, voter base.

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