Democrats vs Republicans: the False Dichotomy

American politics is characterized by Democrats vs Republicans, but the truth is that this is a false dichotomy between two sides of the same, Wall Street coin. Both parties are controlled opposition, with the Democrats pretending to fight for economic Populism and the Republicans pretending to fight for cultural Populism.

The Democrats ran on $2,000 checks and raising the minimum wage, but even after they managed to win a trifecta: the checks were watered down to $1,400 and the minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour.

You can blame this on the GOP, but Donald Trump supported $2,000 checks and Josh Hawley proposed a $15 minimum wage for billion-dollar corporations. It was swamp creatures like Mitch McConnell who refused to cooperate.

You can blame it on Sinema and Manchin, but the only reason most Democrats even support left-wing economic policy is because they know they can rely on the aforementioned Senators to block whatever they pretend to fight for. If the Democrats won another seat: I’m sure we’d have some centrist “New Democrat” step in as the third pariah.

Nancy Pelosi even pretends to be a progressive, but she’s part of the reason we don’t have universal healthcare. Yeah, populist Republicans don’t support it either, but you can’t call yourself a “progressive Democrat” and refuse to fight for the number one issue progressive Democrats want.

It’s starting to seem less like the dichotomy is between Democrats and Republicans, and more like it’s between Populists like Trump, Hawley, and Sanders, and Elitists like McConnell, Sinema, and Pelosi.

Yeah, the two parties are polarized on abortion, gun control, and other social issues, but a poll by Pew shows that the number one issue for voters is the economy, with the second-place being health-care. This isn’t to say social issues aren’t relevant, just that they take a back-seat to economic issues.

It would make more sense for an economically populist party to be divided on social issues than for a socially liberal party to be divided on economic issues. Ideally, we’d have several parties, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

Whether you vote red or blue, the out-come is likely going to be the same; it’s the primaries where it really matters. If we can oust corrupt members of both parties and replace them with populists, we wouldn’t even have to change the partisan composition by one seat to see real change.

Quit looking at American politics as Democrats vs Republicans, but instead as Populists vs Elitists. It’s time to vote for people, not party, like the founders intended. Don’t be afraid to vote for the “other party” if one of their candidates happens to have some good ideas.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to with-hold your vote if neither party fields good candidates, because again: the out-come will be the same if two, establishment swamp-creatures run. You can’t flip over a penny and expect it to become a quarter.

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