Top 5 Dumbest Things the Left Thinks is Racist

In the age of cultural Marxism and woke Capitalism, nothing is safe from being deemed “racist” — not even math. Don’t get offended or stereotype all leftists as woke idiots; I know a lot of leftists, and the vast majority of them don’t buy into this crap.

5. The Police

This should come as little surprise to anyone paying close attention to BLM and left-wing media. The New York Times published an opinion piece titled, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police” in which the author argues that police departments shouldn’t exist (thus allowing criminals to run rampant), because their only purpose is to oppress black people — a quite delusional argument.

Since African Americans are disproportionately affected by violent crime, abolishing the police will only hurt them. We need to get rid of bad cops, but we also need to put more good cops on the streets to help decrease crime and keep black folks safe — don’t black lives matter? Yes, they do, that’s why we need police officers.

4. Punishing Illegal Immigrants

This should also come as little surprise after reading the last paragraph; Breitbart reported that an Obama-appointed judge dismissed an indictment for illegal re-entry, because the law is “racist” against “Latinx” people — a claim without any evidence beyond the stereotype of illegal immigrants being Mexican.

The aforementioned stereotype is more racist than securing our borders, especially since native-born Latinos and legal immigrants (who worked hard to get here) don’t benefit in any way from losing their job to, or being murdered by, an illegal.

3. Video Games

A study released by a “researcher” at Ohio State University alleges that gamers are racist simply for playing as black characters, and video games are racist for assigning violent roles to African Americans (as if certain races are incapable of committing crime).

They’d probably still accuse video games of being racist, proclaiming, “the gangs aren’t diverse enough!” In my opinion: it’s pretty racist to assume someone’s skin color is the only reason they could be violent or commit crimes.

2. Anti-Discrimination Laws

In 2020, California’s state legislature voted in a landslide to repeal the part of the state’s constitution that banned the government from discriminating based on race, in order to legalize affirmative action (which hurts white and Asian students).

Thankfully, voters struck down this insane proposal. The entire reason we have anti-discrimination clauses in the first place was to end segregation and Jim Crow — scrapping them would open up a Pandora’s box of racism.

1. Math

Yep, the left thinks math is racist. USA Today posted an article titled, “Is math racist? As many students of color struggle with the subject, schools are altering instruction — sometimes amid intense debate.” CNN also posted an article, titled, “Math is racist: How data is driving inequality” (which is mostly just clickbait, to be honest).

Saying, “2 + 2 = 4” isn’t racist, what’s racist is “altering instruction” just because you don’t want to do your job and help African American kids succeed. If they struggle: the obvious solution is to help them!

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