The Left Should be Pro-Life

Abortion is a major issue in the United States, with the left wanting it to be legal (and tax-payer funded) for any or no reason, sometimes even late-term, while the right wants it to be illegal in all or most cases — but it should really be the other way around; the left should be pro-life!

What is the “Left” and “Right?”

For the purpose of this post: the terms “left” and “right” refer only to economic policy. The left wants a $15 minimum wage, while the right wants something less; the left wants Medicare for All, while the right wants for-profit healthcare.

The left tends to be the pro-labor faction, while the right tends to cater to business interests. Exit polls for the 2020 presidential election show that 56% of Americans making less than $100k a year voted for Biden, while 54% of Americans making equal to or more than $100k a year voted for Trump.

The Poor are Pro-Life and the Wealthy are Pro-Choice

According to Gallup: 62% of Americans making more than $100k a year are pro-choice, while only 35% are pro-life, for a solid margin of +27%! 51% of Americans making between $40-50k a year are pro-life, with a margin of +5%.

Although only 49% of Americans making less than $40k a year are pro-life, the margin is +8%, as 10% of this demographic either refuse to characterize themselves or just don’t have an opinion on the issue.

Abortion polls are misleading, but that’s a topic for another time; just know that 47% of “pro-choice” Americans actually want significant abortion restrictions, and 12% are literally pro-life but don’t know it.

The Parties are Backwards

It’s quite odd that the GOP, being the pro-life party, somehow wins out among a demographic that overwhelmingly supports abortion, while the Democratic Party, which is radically pro-choice, somehow wins out among the demographic that’s largely against abortion.

It’s obvious that the parties are backwards. The left should be pro-life and the right should be pro-choice! Both the Republican and Democratic parties defy their base, which means we’re due for a political realignment.

Whether the GOP should become left-wing on economic issues or the Democrats should become pro-life isn’t up to me to decide, but it seems like the former is more likely. Donald Trump and Josh Hawley are to the left of most Republicans on economic issues, yet remain popular among the GOP’s base, more so than free market Mitch McConnell, the second-least popular Senator.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has stagnated on economic issues; Joe Biden won the primary in a land-slide over Bernie Sanders, and although he likes to talk about expanding health-care coverage and increasing the minimum wage, this is more bark than bite. Even when the Democrats do put forward a left-wing economic proposal, it gets shot down by Manchin and Sinema.

Meanwhile, they’ve become even more radical in their support for abortion, pushing to abolish the Hyde amendment and force Americans to pay for abortion through taxes. They also want to keep sex-selected abortions legal.


The left should be pro-life, because their base is pro-life. Most working-class Americans are against abortion, while the wealthy are overwhelmingly in support. Either the Democrats become pro-life or the GOP will become the party of the working-class. It’s time for a realignment.

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