Arkansas Public Schools Success Amendment is a Far-Left Trojan Horse

A group called “Arkansans for World-Class Education” recently filed the Arkansas “Public Schools Success Amendment.” At first glance, it sounds great, promising smaller class sizes, more funding for schools, and better pay for teachers — but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this amendment is a guise for Liberals and the DNC, who want more power for themselves at the expense of students and parents.

Destroying Schools for Power

Here’s one of the proposed changes:

at NO time Can the locally elected school board be divested of administrative or operational control of the district it serves

This is clearly aimed at preventing the state from taking over failed school districts. Liberal, Democrat school boards run their districts into the ground, so the state steps in and fixes them. This makes the DNC pretty upset, because the state is controlled by the Republicans — they want to protect the little power they have at all costs, even if that hurts innocent children.

Here’s another change:

A person who has served on the Board of Education ten years prior to passage of this amendment shall not be eligible

This is a blatant, partisan attack against the GOP. Members of the board are appointed by the Governor, who’s a Republican, so it can be assumed they’re all Republicans too. Interestingly, Arkansas had a Democratic Governor ten years ago, which is when they decided to make the cut-off point — I find it hard to believe this was a coincidence. They’re obviously trying to disqualify candidates from the other side of the isle.

If these corrupt, power-hungry proposals weren’t in the amendment: I’d vote for it — I’d even collect signatures to get it on the ballot — but I’ll be voting no, because the far-left shouldn’t be allowed to destroy school districts, and no party should be given an unfair advantage or discriminated against.

Run By Radical Liberals

AWCE doesn’t list their directors on their website, and the “WHO WE ARE” link conveniently doesn’t work, but I managed to find out who they are on opencorporates. It came as little surprise to learn all of the people behind this group are radical Liberals.

Angela Alexander is not only a director, but the organization’s incorporator. She supports critical race theory, endorsed ultra-liberal Democrat Joyce Elliott, and publicly came out against a bill protecting the right to self-defense.

In 2019, Charles Zook made a public comment against the state taking over Little Rock’s failed school district — which he taught at, and was thus part of the problem. (I can at least give him credit for criticizing members of his own family.) In 2021, he posted a Facebook rant, saying:

The Republicans are known for stupidity, lies, and violence.

Julia Taylor donated to, and asked her Facebook followers to donate to, Everytown for Gun Safety, a radical gun control group that wants to ban open carrying guns in public — in blatant violation of the Second Amendment — just because a few white supremacists did it. Talk about the teacher punishing the whole class… Her profile picture features a hat reading “MOMS DEMAND ACTION” the name of another anti-gun organization.

All three of the directors for Arkansans for World-Class Education are far-left, ultra-liberals, so of course they’d propose a constitutional amendment to give the Democratic Party a leg up at the expense of students.

Don’t Fall for the Trick

The Arkansas Public Schools Success Amendment is a bad proposal that uses the promise of smaller class sizes and more funding for schools as a guise to give the Democratic Party more power at the expense of students. If it becomes law: countless schools will fail and the Board of Education will be unfairly purged of Republicans.

I’m not a Republican — I’m a registered Independent — but I don’t believe schools should be allowed to fail so one party can cling to power, and I don’t support enshrining an unfair advantage into our state’s constitution. More funding for education and smaller class sizes are great proposals, but don’t fall for the scam — don’t let the Trojan horse in.

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