Reddit is the Cesspool of the Internet

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet”, is a social media website where users can post to user-created communities and vote for or against each post or comment. It rose from a minor startup to an internet giant in only a few years, earning its founders, Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman, and Aaron Swartz (who Reddit likes to pretend doesn’t exist) millions of dollars. Today it has millions of users, as well well as countless bots and shills, contributing to the rise of fake news and the mass misinformation campaign of the left.

This is a re-mastered version of a video essay I previously published on my YouTube channel in 2020.

The Golden Ages

In the beginning, it merged with Aaron Swartz’s Infogami, and was quickly purchased by Condé Nast. Reddit used fake accounts to make it seem as if the website had more traffic than it really did, in an attempt to attract new users. After its founders left, Reddit began monetizing its content with advertisements and Reddit Gold, a subscription service that gives users perks such as reduced advertisements and access to gold-only communities.

It became operationally independent in 2011, marking the beginning of its golden years, characterized by Reddit surpassing Digg, its main rival, and an Ask-me-anything post by US President Barack Obama — which, hilariously, nearly shut down the whole website due to increased traffic.

The Downfall

The golden ages ended in 2015 when a new harassment policy enabled the administrators to begin censoring content they politically disagreed with, eventually culminating in 2020, with the ban of thousands of communities, or subreddits as they’re called, including r/The_Donald, a community for Trump supporters. This likely intended to influence the outcome of the 2020 election, which Trump lost. In 2019, the company received a $150M “investment” from Tencent — a company based in Beijing that works closely with the Chinese Communist Party.

A small group of Moderators who moderate many of the large subreddits such as r/AskReddit and r/News, wield considerable power, often manipulating content on their communities to promote a certain agenda, even deposing Reddit’s CEO, Ellen Pao, forcing her to resign by shutting down their subreddits until their demands where met. The founders returned, and Steve Huffman became the new CEO in what seemed like a left-wing coup.

Political Correctness

Reddit has a toxic, politically correct culture where anyone who doesn’t adhere to the vague norms set forth by the far-left is attacked, censored, and banned. Certain words such as “dumb” and “stupid” aren’t allowed under PC culture, and disagreement with leftist political beliefs is considered a severe violation, especially when pertaining to topics of LGBT rights and abortion.

Anyone who says anything which may by any minority (as defined by the left) be considered to be to any degree “offensive” is downvoted (or voted against) to the point where their comment or post is buried and hidden, only being accessed by those who are willing to dig for so-called “controversial” comments. Furthermore, posts are falsely reported for rules violations to the point where a bot automatically removes the post and suspends the user’s account.

Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders, even resigned from Reddit’s board, stating that he wanted a “black candidate” to take his place. This adheres to the typical liberal strategy of making some worthless concession to the struggle for civil rights, while in reality doing absolutely nothing about racism and discrimination.

Bots & Shills

Reddit is teeming with bots and paid shills, who influence the narrative to align with that of the left. Bots and shills are unavoidable on any platform, however, Reddit promotes this behavior — so long as it agrees with them. On Reddit, it is impossible to know whether or not who you’re speaking to is a real person, a shill, or a robot — especially when discussing political subjects.

Anti-Conservative Bias

The administration is biased in the enforcement of its intentionally vague rules, with conservative users and communities being banned for crimes they never committed, while leftists are allowed to do whatever they want with impunity (unless they get too anti-Capitalist, in the case of Chapo Trap House).

r/The_Donald was banned due to accusations of violating the content policy, with insinuations that the community was spreading hatred and harassing minorities, however, there has never been any evidence of this. The ban happened on the same day Twitch suspended the President, leading many (such as myself) to believe that it was a coordinated, political attack to influence the outcome of the election.

Another subreddit, r/LGBdroptheT, a community of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals who disagree with transgender rights and/or believe it to be a separate issue from sexual orientation, was banned for “promoting hate,” — they didn’t do this, they just disagreed with the political opinion held by the company.

Meanwhile r/AgainstHateSubreddits, controlled by far-left Communists, harasses users with any right-wing opinion, utilizing spam, threats of violence, and brigading (a tactic where users flood a community to downvote their enemies and upvote their allies) to achieve their goal — yet no administrative action was ever taken against the community, despite the fact that this is all against Reddit’s rules.

Furthermore, r/BlackPeopleTwitter openly engages in segregation, banning anyone who isn’t black, or at the very least a “person of color”, from participating.

The Cesspool of the Internet

Many users have left the platform, seeking freedom of speech and the opportunity to speak with real human beings on websites such as Voat, and my personal choice: Saidit. They know that Reddit is rotten to the core, and will never change. It has become an instrument of Liberalism, a vector of political correctness, and a threat to our democracy. Their goal is to control the narrative — as who controls the narrative controls the future.

Due to its blatant censorship, double standards, and toxic culture of political correctness, Reddit has become the cesspool of the internet. According to Merriam-Webster, a cesspool is “a filthy, evil, or corrupt place or state”. This is a perfect description of Reddit. Its moderators and administrators are severely corrupt, and the website’s culture is both filthy and evil.

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