Texas University Goes Woke, Bans Pro-Gun “Come and Take It” Slogan

The University of Texas at San Antonio recently banned the pro-gun slogan “Come and Take It” from being used in any official capacity, including in their football team’s flag.

Texas Revolution

In 1835, General Santa Anna’s military dictatorship abolished Mexico’s constitution. Fearing a rebellion, he sent an army to Gonzales to confiscate the town’s canon, which kept them safe from Native attacks.

Fearing the consequences of being rendered defenseless in the face of Natives and dictators alike, the citizens of Gonzales refused to hand it over, sparking the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

The phrase “Come and Take It” became their battle-cry, taunting Anna’s dictatorship and telling the whole world you couldn’t disarm Texans without a fight!

In contemporary times, it’s used to show support for the Second Amendment, opposition to unconstitutional, gun-control laws, and a willingness to fight for the preservation of our right to keep and bear arms.

A Woke Professor

Dr. Ellen Clark, a woke “bicultural and bilingual studies” professor, circulated a petition on change.org calling for the university to disassociate from the Texan cultural icon — which didn’t even get a thousand signatures.

Despite its unpopularity, the university’s President, Taylor Eighmy — another woke leftist — took a liking to the idea and banned the slogan without even consulting the Board of Regents.

This angered Kevin Eltife, the chair of the board, who said:

The Board of Regents does not support abandoning traditions and history that mean much to students, alumni, and other Texans. I am very disappointed with this decision and will immediately ask our Board to establish policies that ensure that the governing body of the UT System will have the opportunity in the future to be consulted before important university traditions and observances are changed.


Crying Racist

The professor claims “Come and Take It”

is a slogan that embodies both anti-Mexican and pro-slavery sentiments.


The Texas Revolution wasn’t fought out of racism or in support of slavery — which was already illegal in Mexico — it was fought over the right of the Texan People to keep and bear arms.

The woke left already thinks it’s racist to own a gun (but only if you’re white), so it’s little surprise they’d attempt to slander a symbol of the right to keep and bear arms as racist.

It…has also been widely adopted by anti-government, pro-gun extremists, such as at the January 6th insurrection at the US Capital.


Cultural Marxists use the term “pro-gun extremists” to refer to anyone and everyone who doesn’t support the Democrats’ radical gun-control agenda. They think you’re “far-right” if you support constitutional carry or own an AR-15.

And no, you don’t have to be “anti-government” to own a gun; most gun-owners carry for self-defense or hunting — not out of some desire to overthrow the US government. Ironically, these same people will call you a “Fascist” if you don’t support far-left social policy.

Furthermore, it’s the far-left who are the real anti-government extremists, defunding police departments, letting rioters burn cities to the ground, and murdering political opponents in the streets.

Laughably, they try to lump all gun-owners in with the Trump supporters who broke into the US Capitol. Not all gun-owners support Trump, and most Trump supporters are non-violent. Most of the people there weren’t even armed due to DC’s radical restrictions on gun ownership.

Clark’s Far-Left Agenda

It’s easy to write Clark off as another dumb professor spewing woke garbage, but her wording suggests she knows exactly what she’s doing, using words like “anti-government” to imply she supports a dictatorship, “anti-Mexican” to imply she supports open borders, and “pro-gun extremists” to imply she wants strict gun control.

Dr. Clark’s lies about the “Come and Take It” slogan are rooted in the far-left’s agenda to disarm the American People, destroy American culture, institute open borders, and establish a Marxist dictatorship.

She likely admires General Santa Anna’s dictatorship and his attempt to disarm the citizens of Gonzales. Furthermore, she likely believes Texas should either be annexed back into Mexico or flooded with Mexican immigrants.


This is yet another example of how our universities have been infiltrated by radical Communists. It’s also an example of how carpetbaggers and scalawags are replacing real Dixons.

Hopefully the Board of Regents will reverse this woke decision and fire their Marxist of a President.

Come and take it, Dr. Clark!

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