Trump Is a RINO, but That’s a Good Thing

Would a Republican restrict free trade by raising tariffs? Would a Republican oust TVA members for trying to offshore jobs? Would a Republican threaten to break up big tech monopolies? Would a Republican demand $2,000 checks for every American?

A decade ago: that would’ve been a definitive no — but Donald Trump did all four as President. He’s quick to call his opponents ‘Republicans in name only,’ but he seems like the real RINO — and that’s a good thing!

Economic Populism Helps Americans

Raising tariffs protects domestic industry and jobs, even if it does come at a monetary cost.

Trump’s washing machine tariffs…helped create about 1,800 manufacturing jobs, the Fed concluded, but the cost to the U.S. as a whole was about $817,000 per job.

Evan Tarver, Investopedia

Offshoring puts Americans out of work, leaving them unemployed or forced to take a lesser-paying job — while the ultra-wealthy profit from sending jobs overseas.

Monopolies (and oligopolies) are always bad, and should be immediately destroyed wherever they emerge, in order to protect workers, consumers, and competition. This is especially important when said monopolies abuse their power to censor information and bend the narrative.

I was ecstatic when Trump came out in favor of $2,000 checks. Putting money in the hands of Americans would benefit the working-class and small businesses massively! My family and community are dirt poor, so it’d be a God-send.

Don’t get me wrong, Trump cut taxes for the wealthy and rolled back environmental regulations, so there’s plenty of room for improvement, but at least he’s going in the right direction.

Furthermore, I didn’t vote for Trump (I voted third party) — but I would vote for him if I lived in a swing state.

Trump is Pulling the GOP to the Left

Trump is pulling the GOP’s economic policy to the left, back to the populist positions it once held under Theodore Roosevelt — but he’ll have to drag the party kicking and screaming.

When Trump came out in support of $2,000 checks: most of his support came from Democrats — Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Bernie Sanders, for example — with establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell standing in the way.

He has made some progress, however. Marco Rubio voiced support for Amazon workers who were trying to unionize in Alabama and Josh Hawley introduced a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for businesses making over $1 billion a year.

Furthermore, 65% of Americans support $2,000 checks — including 54% of Republicans. When the checks failed: 47% of Americans blamed congressional Republicans and 32% blamed congressional Democrats — but only 15% blamed Donald Trump.

A recent poll found that 58% of Republicans would vote for Trump in 2024, with the second-place candidate being Mike Pence, at 13%. It goes without saying that the GOP is quickly becoming the party of Trump — and hopefully the party of populist economics.


Donald Trump is pulling the GOP to the left on economics, towards populist policies that benefit the American worker. Although establishment Republicans are pushing back, the Trump-wing is quickly taking over.

Donald Trump may be a RINO, but that’s a good thing, and I hope he continues to make the Republican Party great again, like it was under Theodore Roosevelt. I have plenty of disagreements with the former President, but it’s time to end Reaganomics once and for all.

Don’t expect me to change my party affiliation anytime soon, though, as I’m still a staunch supporter of the Conservative Worker’s Party.

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